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Raptor TWI SV-98M Air Cocking Sniper Rifle Limited Edition

Russian SV-98 Style Rifle

Material: Metal Body

Source: Air Cocking

System: AEG Spring System 

Capacity: 50rds 


The Raptor SV-98M is a tactical, modernized version of the replica of the Russian sniper rifle. Instead of wood, most parts of this replica are made of aluminum and polymer. It is equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip, folding, adjustable stock, and a set of RIS / Picatinny rails.

SV-98M Sniper Rifle

SKU: D50

NOTE: Our orders are shipped via UPS and USPS.

USPS orders are automatically shipped with $50 of protection.

UPS orders are automatically shipped with $100 of protection. 


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