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(1) Panel / Roll of Hook Adhesive


Full Sheet Dim. (19.75in x 23.375in)

1/2 Sheet Dim. (19.75in x 11.675in)

1/4 Sheet Dim. (11.675in x 9.875in)


BODY ARMOR VENT’s B-24 Custom Fit Kit, available in three sizes, is designed to be a make-your-own Body Armor Vent custom cut to fit your specific tactical gear.  The B-24 was created for the elite operator that truly likes to customize their gear for the perfect fit and comfort.


The B-24 Custom Fit Kit panels featuring our patent-pending evaporation and ventilation technology EVAP is the continuous air flow between your body and your gear.  Air flow around and through the panel is driven as the hot air expands and your own body movement provides the air flow which then produces evaporative cooling.  Air moving over moisture, just like an AC!


BODY ARMOR VENT’s proprietary foam filled, vertical air channels force air flow upwards and also through horizontal vent holes to enable true evaporation of sweat from behind your gear.  This keeps your body’s temperature down in the summer and your body much drier and warmer in the winter.

Body Armor Vent - B-24 Custom Fit Kit


    NOTE: Our orders are shipped via UPS and USPS.

    USPS orders are automatically shipped with $50 of protection.

    UPS orders are automatically shipped with $100 of protection. 


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